How To Choose Clown Makeup for Kids

Clowns have been around for ages providing entertainment to the people of every age group. From the royal court jesters to the modern day circus clowns, they have become an important part of our culture. Just by their facial expression and body language, they can entertain a massive crowd and not many can stay serious when encountered with a clown in real life.

However, clown’s life is not as easy as it looks and to become a good clown that everyone adores, clown makeup is an important aspect of that. The right amount of makeup is very important and getting a clown make a tricky business. The procedure mentioned below is to tell you about what kind of clown makeup you should chose for your kid if you want to dress him up as a clown for a school gala or Halloween perhaps.

Things Required

– 1 medium flat brush
– 1 medium round brush
– Applicator sponge (such as a white cosmetic wedges or high density face paint sponge)
– Water-based face paint colours in red, black and white
– Fresh water and cup of water for rinsing brushes


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    The first thing that should be kept in mind is that you should get the right amount of tools for painting clown faces.

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    You should know that getting a lot of makeup for painting a clown face is not necessary at all especially if you want to choose clown makeup for kids. A lot amount of makeup won’t make you a real clown and even sometimes no makeup at all can work in your favour. You must have heard stories about clown getting hit in the gut by the children claiming that the clown isn’t a real one. To avoid this situation, choosing clown makeup for kids is more important.

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    Base colour is very important and usually the white colour is used for the purpose. The next important thing is the costume. Makeup won’t take you much far unless you are wearing a very clownish costume. Crazy clown hair and the typical large clown shoes are the essentials and should not be ignored.

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    The next thing is the clown nose. Red is the accustomed colour although some clowns also use yellow or orange nose at time as well. To go with the nose, clown smile should be choose very carefully because let’s face it, you want your kid to be funny not scary.

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    There are a lot of possibilities and one can be a clown of any type he or she wants.

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