How to Hide Big Stretched Ears

Having big and prominent ears is common. Some of the most popular people have large ears. American president Barack Obama, Great Britain’s Prince Charles, Bollywood star Amir Khan and many Holly wood celebrities including Jennifer Gardner, Will Smith, Kate Hudson, and Channing Tatum all have prominent ears. They are not embarrassed at all having big ears. However, if having large ears arouse feeling of embarrassment for you, there are several ways to solve this problem. There are cheap and short term ways to fix this problem as well as expensive and permanent solutions.

Things Required:

– Hats
– Money for otoplasty surgery
– Salon or hair stylist
– Mousse or hairspray
– Small earrings
– Large or prominent eyeglasses


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    You can wear hats in order to hide your big ears. Besides hats you can use any other hair accessories which press your ear back or hide them. Soft-edged hats can cover the tips of your ears whereas harder-brimmed hat may cast a shadow on the ear section which makes them look smaller.

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    Visit a saloon or style your hair

    You can style your hair in a way that will hide big ears or show your ears smaller. Use a mousse or hairspray in order to add weight to your hair which will lead to proportioning of your ears. In order to add volume to your ears, you need to try layers.

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    Ear-pinning surgery or otoplasty

    You can shorten your ear with otoplasty or ear-pinning surgery. This surgery can be done on adults and even on children who are as young as age five. Remember that this is a costly procedure and insurances will not cover it. This surgery is elective and you should love your ears as they are and not pin them.

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    Jewellery size

    If you have large ears then you should wear smaller earrings or jewellery. You need to balance your accessories with the size of your ears i.e. if you wear large earrings then your ears will be more prominent and look even bigger. For men, you should choose smaller gauges or hoops.

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    Draw attention away from your ears

    In order to divert attention away from your ears, you can wear trendy and attractive glasses. This will draw attention towards your eyes and face instead of your prominent ears.

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