How to Apply Shadows to the Face

You can cast shadows to your face on a regular basis if you think your face is too plain or if you just need to show people some change in the way you look. Casting a shadow is not a difficult task, and also does not consume much time. However, it is better if you have been doing the job frequently and know the basics of the technique. You may also get it done professionally for a couple of times to get the idea or can search on the internet about the ways to cast shadows to your face effectively, so that you appear different to your regular or routine makeup.


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    Making Your Skin Ready

    Start with washing your face. If you feel that you have some dead skin, you can use a normal scrub to remove it. Or else, take some olive oil, mix it with sugar and then apply it on your face before rinsing it with plenty of water.

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    Application of Lotion

    Apply a small amount of light lotion on your face. You can also use a darker colour but be assured it matches your skin tone. Do not go overboard with lotion part as it will spoil the canvas for the makeup or casting shadows.

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    Check Your Skin Tone

    After application of lotion on your face, see it through in the mirror. Use natural light to determine you face, whether it reflects lighter, medium or darker shade. Be assured about it because it is the base for you to determine the colour of the material to create or cast shadows on your face. For all three tones, you will have to use different colours, so make sure you know the exact tone of your skin.

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    Casting Shadows

    Now you need to apply different materials for all three different tones. This part will become easier for you provided you are sure about your skin tone. If it is lighter, you should use olive colour with a tan and glittery pink to your cheekbones. Make sure it is natural pink, not too dark or light. If your face skin is darker, you should opt for a light tan and glitter rose to your cheekbones. This will cast a perfect shadow on your face, and if you find you face skin tone medium, you can try a light burgundy tan. Add with it chocolate and glittery red to your cheekbones. This step is important and largely depends on your skin tone. So make sure you know your skin tone before casting shadows as otherwise use of mismatching material can spoil your look and change the face's makeup expression.

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