How to Clean Makeup Sponges

Cosmetics are very expensive and you need to take care good care of your things so that they last long. Makeup sponges are a very important part of your tool kit and need to be kept clean for your next makeup session. They should be washed every time you do makeup so that the skin does not get affected.

The method to clean makeup sponges is extremely easy. They can be washed in a sink with the help of dish soap or a shampoo.

Things Required:

– Water
– Shampoo or dish soap
– Towel


  • 1

    Fill the wash basin with warm water

    First of all, fill the wash basin with warm water so that the makeup sponges can be cleaned in it. Make sure that the water is either not too hot or not too cold as that could damage the sponge. Wait until the sink is half full and close the tap after that.

  • 2

    Add shampoo or dish soap

    When the sink is half-filled, pour dish soap in the water. Do not add too much of soap as that would be damaging. An amount that can make the water a little soapy is enough for the procedure. Mix the soap in the water so that it is well combined. Place the sponges in warm water for some time so that they get wet.

  • 3

    Rub the makeup sponges in the water

    Once the sponges are fully wet, rub them with your fingers so that all the makeup is washed away. Make sure the sponges are well soaked with the soap so that the dirt is properly released. Keep rubbing until all the makeup is removed.

  • 4

    Rinse the makeup sponges

    Once you are sure that all the sponges are washed with makeup, rinse them with cold water until all the soap is released. If there is still soap left in the sponge, it may cause irritation to your skin when you use it for makeup the next time.

  • 5

    Dry on a towel

    After all the sponges are rinsed with water, place them on a dry towel and wait for them to dry completely. It is good to turn on the fan as that would help in drying the sponges fast.

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