Top 10 Must Women Makeup Essentials

Makeup is the magic that can transform an ordinary look into a more elegant and beautiful one. Wearing nice makeup according to dressing and look, not only enhances your overall beauty, but also boosts your self- confidence. There are hundreds of beauty products available in the market, ranging from ordinary to branded ones. But the important question is; which makeup essentials that every woman must carry in her purse or makeup bag?

Here is the list of the top ten must women makeup essentials that improve appearance, cover flaws and increase self-assurance.


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    Before applying any makeup product, it is very essential to disguise the dark spots, blemishes and other visible spots on your skin, especially face. Concealer is the right product designed for this purpose. Apply it to the dark circles below your eyes or other unwanted spots and blend well, using finger tips. Stick, powder, liquid, cream and pencil concealers are easily available in almost every beauty store. It is better to make use of pencil or stick concealers as they are easy to use and make your overall makeup look natural.

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    Foundation makes your skin look consistent and spotless. It is useful makeup tool to cover the blemishes and to even skin color. Moreover, you can you use to change your natural skin complexion. Liquid, stick, cream and waterproof foundations are available in wide range of shades. Select the foundation that best suits your natural skin tone and requirement.

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    Compact Powder

    Compact powder, also known as powder foundation, is another makeup essential which is included in the makeup bag. A bit of brush over your face and neck with some compact powder can make an eye-catching impression. It seals the applied concealer and foundation and holds them for longer period of time. Make sure to select it according to the shade of the foundation.

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    It is used to highlight and nicely redden the apples of cheeks.  Blushes are available in many colors. However, the bronze blush suits the naturally tan cheeks while pink or red gives you younger look.

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    Eye Shadows

    Wear some perfect eye shadow matching of your dress or eye color. Eye shadows are available in every color/shade. You will find eye shadow cases and boxes that are quiet easy to carry in the makeup bag. You can apply them to your upper and lower eyelids.

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    Eyeliner nicely defines your eyes, making them look elegant and attractive. Apply it along the upper and lower lash lines for a simple but graceful look or all around the configuration of eyes for rich illusions. Eyeliners are available in pencil, gel and liquid form. Besides the traditional black eye liners, you can find wide range of colored and glittery eyeliners as well.

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    Mascara enhances your eye makeup, darkening, thickening and defining your eye lashes. Colored and waterproof mascaras are also available in the market.

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    Eyebrow Pencil

    It is used to fill and shape your eyebrows according to the desired look. The right application of eyebrow pencil adds to your overall eye makeup, making  eyebrows look more wonderful. Eyebrow pencils are available in all colors, but it is better to select a one that best matches your natural eyebrow color.

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    Lip liners and Lipsticks

    Lip liners are used to highlight the outline of your lips. Moreover you can use them to make thin lips look bigger and vice versa. Wide range of colorful and waterproof lip liners are available in the market. The applied lip liner is incomplete without lipstick, which provides texture, color and protection to your lips. Wide variety of shades of lipsticks is easily available in your nearest beauty shops.

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    Lip Gloss / Lip Balms

    Lip balms and lip glosses provide glossy lustre to your lips. They act as a protective layer, keeping the applied lipstick in place for long. Moreover, the glass like finish provided by the glittery lip balms and lip glosses makes your lips moist, beautiful and sexy.

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