How to Choose a Bronzer Shade

A Bronzer adds to your fairness. However, choosing a right bronzer shade is a tricky. It is highly recommended to choose a Bronzer that suits your natural skin colour, does not change it altogether. If you choose a Bronzer that does not come in line with your complexion, it will make it appear fake. You can see it yourself that it will appear different to your neck skin colour. It is easier to pick a right Bronzer shade if you know the tone of your facial complexion. The more you use Bronzer, the more you become confident about choosing the right shade.


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    Study Your Current Makeup Colours

    One way to choose a right Bronzer shade is to know which colours dominate in your makeup. You can use the colours as a benchmark for choosing a right shade for your face. If you prefer peaches or corals, choose a shade in these colours. This can make the selection process easy for you.

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    Knowing Hands or Face Skin Tone

    You can carefully study skin tone of your hands and face and use it as an indication to choose a right shade for Bronzer for your face. You can also try Bronzer on back of your hand to see if it matches its skin, and if so you can select it. You may also seek advice from a beautician if you are confused about selection of the colour.

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    Choosing Bronzer Multiple Shades

    Another solution in the process of selecting a right Bronzer shade is buying a Bronzer with multiple colours. You can pick a bronzer with five or six colours and try them one by one. Once you are assured that a colour rightly matches your skin colour, you can use it in the future. This can also help you buy bronzer in a single colour shade.

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    Makeup Products Shades

    If you find it difficult to buy a Bronzer with right shades, you can bring some of your makeup products to help you decide which colour or shade of Bronzer matches the most used makeup colours. The colour should complement your makeup colours and shades, and this can fit the tone of your skin in a better way.

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    Change of Bronzer Shades

    You can also make the selection of your Bronzer shades depending on the season. In summer you can choose a different shade Bronzer while in winter a different one. The process is not that difficult if you know the skin tone of your face.

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