How To Apply Greek Goddess Makeup

Women all over the world use a lot of makeup and beauty products. It is one of the fastest growing industries with huge profit margins. Women spend thousands of dollars every year to buy the beauty products suited to their needs and skin type. The idea is simple, everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive. Makeup companies help women do exactly that.

There are many types of the makeups women can apply to their faces. They can range from simple shades to dark ones to even dramatic ones. Women can choose the one they deem best for themselves and according to the situation. They can also decide what type of makeup to wear with certain dresses and even the timing of the event they are wearing the make up for also makes a big factor in choosing the right type of makeup.

Greek Goddess makeup is fast becoming a makeup type women love and use all over the world. Its dark, dreamy type is a big attraction for a lot of men out there. Hollywood celebrities are also applying this type of makeup these days, making other women wanting to replicate the style.


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    Prepare your face

    Prepare your face for the Greek Goddess makeup by washing your face thoroughly with water. Using a face cleanser and apply toner and moisturizer to get your face ready to be applied the makeup to. Give at least 10 minutes to your face to dry off before you can start applying the makeup.

  • 2

    Apply foundation

    After your face is fully dry, apply foundation using a foundation brush. You can also do it by a sponge or your fingers. Make sure you do it well near your eyes' black areas and use a concealer if necessary.

  • 3

    Create dramatic eyes

    This is one of the most important steps in getting the Greek Goddess look. You need to apply a light gold eye shadow on your eyelids. After that, use a dark brown matte eye shadow in order to contour the eyes. This will take some time to practice so make sure you do it right. You can also beautify your eyes using an eyeliner and extending it at least half an inch from the side of your eyes. This will give your eyes a cat-like effect, ideal to get the Greek look.

  • 4

    Curl your eyelashes

    Curl your eyelashes using a curler and apply mascara. This will really complement your dreamy eyes and give you a really nice look.

  • 5

    Apply bronzer

    Use your powder brush to apply the bronzer on your skin. Make sure you do it gradually as excessive bronze will be difficult to remove. Apply it in layers to achieve the correct amount of the bronze look.

  • 6

    Apply lipstick

    Finally, use a burgundy or nude shade lipstick to complement the Greek Goddess look of your face. You can also use a lip liner to give you that x factor. That’s it. You have successfully applied a Greek Goddess makeup which will surely turn a few heads around.

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