How To Apply Crossdresser Makeup

For transgender individuals, looking for feminine than manly can be a challenge at some points due to the hormonal difference from what normal women experience throughout their lives, but luckily, there are ways to be who you want to be easily than ever before.

Things Required

– Shaving Cream
– Razor
– Moisturizer
– Cleanser
– Foundation
– Toner
– Eye Shadow
– Eye Liner
– Eyelash Curler
– Lipstick
– Lip Liner
– Lip Gloss
– Mascara


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    Most importantly when applying crossdresser makeup is to not have any facial hair, which is more of an attribute for men to have and not women. Using your razor and a shaving cream that suits you would be the best way to go about it. Remove all excess facial hair, which should be done a while before applying any makeup in order to avoid any potential skin irritation.

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    Moisturize after Shaving

    To get that soft touch of a woman’s skin, it is extremely important to use your cleanser and moisturizer once done with the shaving part. This process should not take more than a couple of minutes and it should be allowed to sink into your skin to allow a better platform for makeup to be applied to.

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    Apply Makeup to Face and Eyes

    This is the most important part of all. Applying the foundation is the first step when completed with the others above. Foundation should match the texture and color of your skin, otherwise the look will be unnatural from the rest of your body.

    A sponge is a great way to apply the foundation, followed by setting it with powder. With this in place, blemishing your cheeks is another way to improve the look along with applying eye makeup now as well.

    Applying eye shadow is the next step and should be done to suit your needs and be sure not to go overboard, unless that is the intention to do so. After applying the eye liner, apply the mascara and use the eyelash curler to curl your lashes for a beautiful touch.

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    Finish Off with Lipstick

    The last step of the process is to apply your lipstick and lip gloss. It is your choice to select which color you are looking to apply as darker ones are known to be more suitable for the night and lighter colors having a better look in the daytime.

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