How to Make Your Nose Appear Thinner With Makeup

Usually, a woman doesn’t have a big face, but a broad nose. It sometimes becomes a massive embarassment, especially for the young ladies. Nothing but a sharp nose adds beauty to a woman’s face.

Those who cannot afford a plastic surgery don’t need to worry. With the help of makeup, you can easily make your nose appear thinner.

A wise strategy is required, when it comes to applying makeup for making nose look thinner. You need to choose cosmetic according to the skin.

It is not about applying too much makeup. After having a close look at your face, identify the areas where you must apply some makeup.


  • 1

    Alongside the makeup, the equipment is pretty important. For nose makeup, you must use only a thin eyeshadow applier brush.

  • 2

    After getting the brush, you need to choose the colour of the makeup. It is imperative that you pick a colour 3-2 tones darker than your skin. Choosing a lighter colour is not a good move at all, because it will not be visible on your face.

  • 3

    Since you are interested in defining the new boundaries of a slimmer nose, apply with the brush the eye shadow to the nose bridge. There is no need to panic, if it looks harsh. You actually need to define too sharp lines.

  • 4

    Now, it is the time to soften the line. For this, you must use a blending brush. Blend the eye shadow nicely, making sure the colour does not look odd on your face.

  • 5

    The next step is feathering out the line. Apply bronzer for this. At each step, you need to be very careful about the quantity of the makeup. It should not be too much in any case.

  • 6

    To give your face a natural look, you need to apply dust of powder. This step will surely make the surface even.

  • 7

    After doing all these things, now it is the time to highlight the nose bridge. In order to do this, you can apply highlighter near the nose tip. By applying highlighter on the bridge, you are actually making the tip look slimmer and sharper.

  • 8

    You slim nose is ready now. Take a close look in the mirror, and see if you have made any errors. If you feel that the makeup is looking awkward on your face, you can cut down its quantity. A few slight changes can also be made.

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