How to Do Age Appropriate Makeup

The most basic function of makeup is to enhance a look and accentuate the more attractive features of an individual’s face – unfortunately, many take this to mean that it needs to be garish, over the top, and brightly coloured. While the crazier looks might work on some, the secret to always looking great with makeup on is to make sure you tailor it to suit your age, and use it to enhance rather than conceal or distort your features. The key to this is to start out with bright, fun colours in youth, and gracefully switch to more neutral, elegant tones as you age.


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    For tweens and teens, makeup is all about having fun. At this age, experimenting with whimsical and wacky styles and colours is more than permissible – makeup should not be taken too seriously, or applied too heavily. Light applications, and sheer formulas that are fresh and young work best, as these give the skin a dewy, rosy, and youthful look. There is no need to use products like concealer or foundation at all – fruity lip glosses, and bright nail polish shades are the main components of a young girl's makeup kit.

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    As you move into your twenties, start using makeup more as a tool for enhancing your best features. This is the age for more technical experimentation – e.g. learn how to best bring out your eyes, the shades that accentuate your cheekbones best, and the formulations that flatter your skin type and colour the most. It is also essential to start incorporating sun screen into your makeup regimen at this age, in order to keep your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun at all times.

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    By the time you hit your thirties, you should have found your signature look – this is less about following trends and more about creating your own personal style. In addition to having attained a degree of confidence in your makeup applications, you will also need to look for quick ways to breeze through your daily makeup routine, in order to fit it into a hectic everyday schedule. At this age, bright, eccentric colour choices are out, as you move towards a more elegant and sophisticated look.

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    In your forties, the key is to focus on keeping your skin looking glowing, fresh, and healthy. It is essential to take care of your skin as you move into this stage, to guard it from any adverse effects of aging. Choose products that boost skin health and that flatter your natural skin tone, in addition to increasing elasticity. Go easy on things like foundation, and avoid a cakey look at all costs – however, you will need to invest in products that have a lifting effect. As far as cosmetics are concerned, earthy and neutral shades will work best at this age.

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    As you move into your fifties and beyond, concentrate on keeping your look neutral, muted, and age-appropriate. Skin care, via creams, lotions, and healthy eating habits, becomes absolutely essential, and you will need to learn which makeup items you need to begin to let go as you grow older – e.g. dramatic black eyeliner might have been your signature look during your youth, but this cannot be carried on into old age.

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