How to Apply Blush on Round Face

Different people have distinctive face shapes, which has its own beauty. Makeup being an important item in the world of fashion and style has an ability to enhance features and make you look more beautiful, but every shape has its own way to apply makeup products. The most important thing in makeup, which has a special technique for its application, is the blush on. Blush on is a prominent element of any makeup kit because it completes the look and brings life in your face. Blush on can be called the magic element because it has an ability to present a different look, besides colouring your cheeks it contours the structure of your face.

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    Take a V shaped brush and which is considered to be best for women who have round face, and put the required amount of your favourite colour.

    According to the structure of the face shown in the image the face is round you have to make sure do you actually possess a round face or not.

    Very smoothly apply the hues on the apples of your cheeks and the direction should be outwards.

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    The image is showing a lady whose face structure is square not round, so for such faces different technique is required to apply blushes.

    Try using bright colours instead of dull because it will give a lift to your face. After applying hues on the apples of your cheeks with the a V shaped brush.

    The directions of the strokes should be up and out and make sure you work smoothly.

    In the end contour the portion of your cheek that goes towards the middle of your ear.

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    Few people have confusion about oval shaped faces as well, because like square face its structure has few similarities with round face but you can never apply blush on in the same manner as you do it on a round face.

    The lower part of the apples is the area where blush on should be put on besides that you have to contour the jaw line with a liquid highlighter which will portray a balanced look.

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