How To Apply Eye Makeup for a Summer Look

Eyes are the most beautiful part of your face. Applying eye makeup further enhances the beauty of your eyes.

Summer inspires a whole new get up and make up look which you can enjoy. Applying the right eye make up in the summer not only makes you more gorgeous but also reduces heat.

Things Required:

– Mascara
– Eye liner
– Makeup brushes or sponge applicators
– Eye shadow or shadows


  • 1

    Decide how your eye makeup will look like

    First of all you need to decide what colour and shade you would like to put on your eyes. You need to use lighter shade and colours in front of scorching heat. Darker colours absorb more heat and so should be avoided.

  • 2

    Selecting the right tools

    Next you need to gather all tools you will need for your eye makeup which includes eye shadow, mascara and eye liner.  You will require brushes and sponge applicators to put on the eye makeup. Your fingers will also be used for this process.

  • 3

    Decide the shades of eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner

    After gathering the tools, you need to pick up the hues of your eye makeup including the colour of your eye shadow, eye mascara and eyeliner.

    You should choose according to the colour of your dress and your skin. In summer, light colours are preferable and will pair up with your colourful dresses.

  • 4

    Apply base on your eyelid

    You need to apply a base on your eyelid with the help from powder foundation, light eye shadow or even their mixture. Putting on foundation before eye shadow will help your look last longer.

  • 5

    Brush few colours of shadow which combines well

    Next you need to put two or three colours of eye shadow. The lightest colour should be spread first all over your eye lid. The darkest colour should be put on near the eyebrows and medium colour shadows should be used from lashes to eyebrow crease.

  • 6

    Apply eyeliner

    After putting on eye shadow, you need to put on eyeliner either on top, bottom or both.

    Note that if you are using liquid eyeliner before putting on mascara.

  • 7

    Apply Mascara

    Next you should put on mascara on your lashes. You can put on mascara coats twice or more if you are not getting your desire looks.

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