How to Test Liquid Foundation Makeup

Foundation, a cosmetic item, is an essential part of makeup process, as it sets the base for a good makeup. In general, you will find three types of foundations in the market – cream, powder and liquid. The main purpose of the foundation is to get a smooth and clear finish and to make the skin look perfect and beautiful. However, the required result can only be obtained when you use the right type of foundation and the right makeup. Therefore, you must have a clear idea of your skin tone and the foundation that will suit you the best. Once you have the idea, you can use the foundation to make yourself look beautiful and ready to go to any party or function.

You should be very careful when buying a foundation from a cosmetic shop, as the wrong foundation can make you look like a clown. For that purpose, test the foundation and match it with your skin tone before you buy it. Liquid foundations are currently the most effective make base used frequently by women. Therefore, it will be a good idea to buy such type of foundation than others.


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    Visit a nearby departmental store or a cosmetic store that sells makeup foundation. Normally, you will find beauty consultants at the foundation counter who will help you choose the best product. In some cases, you can also try them yourself by using testers available on the shelf.

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    Pick up 2 to 3 liquid foundations that appear to be close to your skin tone. Now dab a little drop of the middle shade, among the three, on a clean sponge.

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    Now apply the foundation on a clean area of your face. It is advised that you should use that on the side of your jaw line. Do not try it on your hand, if the tone is different to the tone of your face.

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    After you apply it to your face, see yourself in a mirror and check if the foundation blends in with your face colour. For a true match, make sure you are standing in natural light or in front of the mirror lights. Make sure you do not see any lines or difference in the applied area and the very next part of your face.

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    If you find any difference, check another shade at another part of your jaw line and repeat the process. Keep testing different shades and brands until you find the perfect match.

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