How to Make and Apply White Face Makeup

White face makeup is perfect for you when you are looking to dress up as a clown, ghost, zombie or vampire at a Halloween party or a play. While you may have been thinking that it was just a lot of powder that was enough to get one of the aforementioned looks, you can attain the look much better by applying white face makeup. Even though you will be able to feel it on your face, it will hardly feel uncomfortable or different from any other makeup that you wear in daily routine. Of course, do not expect people looking in your direction to react the same way.


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    The first thing you need to do is to buy the lightest foundation that you can find in the market. In case you are unable to find the said foundation despite visiting a number of stores, or if you have found the foundation but its price is too high for your liking or affordability, you can use one of your rarely used foundation for the purpose.

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    Try to find the lightest shade possible of some highlighter in a store. While the highlighter of any colour would do just fine, it is preferable to go for the white shade. If you are willing to travel around a bit, visit more than just one shop to find the light shade of white highlighter. Make sure that you buy the highlighter in either liquid or cream makeup form.

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    Once you have bought both the foundation as well as the highlighter, get down to preparing your makeup cream. First, you need to get a plate or bowl and pour the light foundation onto it. Pour as much of the foundation onto the dish as you need.

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    If you have managed to find and buy white liquid makeup, pour some of it into the bowl or dish. Remember to make sure that the amount of white liquid makeup you pour into the bowl or dish is greater than the amount of foundation in it. Use a toothpick to mix the foundation and liquid makeup together. In case you bought white cream makeup, simply apply the foundation on your face, including the eyelids, as well as neck.

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    Now start applying the mixture of white liquid makeup and foundation or white cream makeup all over your face. If you only want certain areas of your face to look white, apply the makeup only on those areas.

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    Properly blend it all together to get done with the makeup.

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