How to Lift Cheekbones with Bronzer

You can lift your cheekbones to make your face look narrower and slimmer than it actually is. It is in your hands how effectively you use this technique and get a perfect result and look prominent in a social gathering. You can use a Bronzer either in form of liquid, powder or mineral and get the same effect. The core of  the technique is to effectively apply Bronzer on your cheekbones so that you appear lifted up and your cheeks caved-in. It is not very difficult to apply Bronzer, but applying it right requires a special care.


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    Prepare Your Skin

    First of all you need to ready your face skin for the application of the Bronzer. Cleanse your face with a face wash and if you notice any dead skin use a scrub, which will remove all the dead skin. Also, moisturise your face, and in case of any blemishes use a concealer to hide them. You may even use foundation to tone your skin to give it an even look so that Bronzer effectively works on it. Make sure you use concealer and foundation that match your skin tone.

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    Locating Cheekbones

    Second important step is locating the cheekbone base. For this you suck in your cheeks. The cheekbones area starts just above the area that is indented the most in the cheek.

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    Selection of Bronzer

    Buy a Bronzer from a beautician who can help buying Bronzer in a right shade. A general guideline is to buy a Bronzer, which is a bit darker than your natural skin colour. Also dust the Bronzer with your hairline so that you are able to make a perfect start and end line of the Bronzer on your cheeks.

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    Apply Bronzer

    After selection of the right shade, you are almost done with preparations for application of Bronzer. Stand in front of mirror, and use natural light if it is available. Start applying Bronzer from bottom line that you have marked while identifying the cheekbones. This will complement the Bronzer application to make the bones lift up. You can start with applying the Bronzer with a lighter stroke and while near the Apple of the bones, apply it harder so that the shade reflects to be darker. See progress in the mirror as you continue to apply the Bronzer and if you are not satisfied and see some areas undone, apply another lighter coat of Bronzer. However , make sure it does not leave your cheekbones appear uneven.

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