How to Correct Undefined Cheekbones Using Make Up

It is a natural instinct that people wants to look beautiful and they try their best to employ different ways to enhance their looks. Cheekbones are an important part of the beauty of your face and many people do not have beautiful cheeks naturally. However, with the help of make-up it has now become possible that you can give dimensions to your cheekbones in order to enhance your looks. But making an effective use of make-up to enhance the dimensions of your cheekbones is not that simple. Keep reading if you want to learn the tricks.


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    First of all, you need to wash your face with the best quality soap or face wash which will remove dust or dirt from the skin and it will become ready to apply make-up.

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    After that, at the upper level of your cheekbone, you need to apply highlighter make-up. You should start from the brow bone and come downwards in a ā€œCā€ motion.

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    Repeat the same process with the other cheekbone but make sure that you apply similar amount of make-up to both sides in order to give them a perfect look.

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    Now take a beige blush or a dark bronzer in order to contour the hollow area under your cheekbones. It will give a perfect dimension to your cheekbones.

  • 5

    After that, continue applying make-up on all other parts of your face in order to create a balance. Make sure you do not apply anything on your cheekbones afterwards.

  • 6

    The highlighter make-up will definitely bring out cheekbone definition even if you do not have real dimensions.

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    Always try your best to choose best quality of highlighter make-up for applying on your cheekbones otherwise you will end up in looking odd as low quality make-up will not be able to give dimensions to your cheekbones.

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    Highlighter make-up always gives perfect dimensions to cheekbones and if you already have naturally great cheekbones then it will enhance your beauty.

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    Do not set up a layer of make-up on your cheekbones as it will make them look odd and will also disturb the balance and natural look of your face. Always try to apply a thin layer that helps in giving a natural look to your cheekbones.

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