How to Get To Beauty Base Zero

A cosmetic concept made popular by the Hunger Games trilogy, Beauty Base Zero is a method used by stylists in the novels to create a completely natural, pure, and flawless look for the heroine Katniss. Giving the appearance of no makeup and hair styling, the look is a bit like the beauty equivalent of ground zero.

While this raw look originated in a work of fiction, Beauty Base Zero can be reached in real life too, and is a great look for places like school, where rules and dress codes might require students to maintain a pure and natural look. Bear in mind that Beauty Base Zero does not mean the absence of makeup or hairstyling – rather, it involves the creation of a look that is absolutely pure and flawless.


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    To begin, wash your face with a deep cleansing facial foam, to make sure your skin is completely clean and free of any dirt or oil. Pat it dry gently, and apply a light, clean, oil-free moisturiser. This will be the base of your natural look.

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    Next, apply a light, matte foundation, which is exactly the same colour as your natural skin tone – do not use shades of orange or bronze, as this will ruin the entire look and give it an artificial, “done-up” feel. The point of applying foundation that matches your skin tone is to even out your natural complexion.

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    After the foundation, use a concealer to touch up any blemishes on your face, or dark circles under your eyes – the point of Beauty Base Zero is to achieve an absolutely flawless look. Make sure the concealer you use is matte too – this will eliminate the chances of any artificial and unnatural shine.

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    Next, work on your eyes. Dip your finger into a shade of cream eye shadow that is either the exact colour of your eyelid, or just a shade darker. Blend it into your eyelids, run some brown mascara through your eyelashes lightly, and then comb through with a lash comb, to get rid of any mascara blobs.

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    Once this is done, move on to applying just a hint of cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. This could be any shade between nude to rose, or something between peach to coral. Just make sure it looks natural on your face, and use a small amount, to create a healthy, fresh, “outdoorsy” flush.

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    Do not apply any products on your hair. You can shower the night before and braid your hair while it is wet – open it up the next day to reveal natural waves. Another method is to simply tie it up in a bun while it is wet, to create loose curls. Similarly, do not apply any product on your lips, other than a clear, moisturising balm, to keep them soft and smooth.

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    Finally, cut your nails down to a small, clean size, and file them until they form perfect ovals. You can apply a coat of clear polish if you wish, but the best way to keep them is bare, trimmed, and buffed. Spritz on a small amount of a subtle, natural fragrance, and your look is complete – you have now reached Beauty Base Zero.


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