How to Look Younger with Makeup

Everyone wants to look their best. Young people may take it for granted but as you grow old, feeling great means looking younger for many. You cannot stop your age but there are natural ways to appear young, like a healthy diet, lots of water, applying sunscreen, good skin care products etc. There is no need to go under the knife and have surgeries to look young as there are easier ways to do it. Make up provides a quick fix solution and with some tricks you can hide your age. Follow some easy tips to look younger with makeup.

Things Required:

– Moisturiser
– Light Foundation
– Cream Blush
– Long Lash Mascara
– Lip Gloss


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    As a person ages, the natural glow of the skin starts to decrease. One tip, is to avoid using face powder as a base. It gets settled into the wrinkles of the skin and makes them more prominent. It will also enhance the area around the eyes which has the most lines and wrinkles. The powder can also give a dull affect to the skin. Use a moisturiser or a light foundation as it will give the skin the right shine.

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    As the case with the face powder, a powdered blush will also enhance the wrinkles and lines on the face. If you want the perfect blush then a cream blush is highly recommended. Pick a shade of the blush which complements the colour of your skin. A pink blush is a good choice as it makes your cheeks a little flush which makes the face appear younger.

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    As you grow older, the eye lashes begin to get flat and the eye lids also get droopy. In order to look young you need to pull up your appearance. Curling the lashes will make the eyes more prominent and give a younger effect. The eyes appear wider and more open. Also, apply some mascara to enhance them further. Long lash mascaras are a good choice.

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    Another sign of aging is the thinning of the lips. It is not in your control to bring back their natural colour or their fullness, but you can give such an impression. Lips appear fuller if you apply a plumping lip gloss. If your lips tingle when you apply lip gloss, then it means that your plumping lip gloss is starting to work. Try to avoid dark colours and go for peach and pink.

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