How To Apply Bare Minerals Makeup

Manufactured by Bare Escentuals, the bareMinerals makeup line is all the rage in the cosmetic world. Touted as a 100% pure range of makeup products, made only of natural minerals found in the earth, bareMinerals makeup is easy to apply, nourishing for the skin, and exceptionally flattering for all skin types. While it comes with a hefty price tag, the effects are well worth it and immediately visible, if applied properly.

Things Required:

– BareMinerals cosmetic brushes
– BareMinerals foundation mineral powder
– BareMinerals translucent mineral powder


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    Start by being smart about the shades you buy. Most people tend to buy whichever shades look the best, and are later frustrated by how ill-suited the makeup looks on their skin. Seek the advice of a beauty consultant, or the assistant at the makeup counter in your local store, to make sure you purchase the right shade. A basic bareMinerals kit should include foundation, translucent face powder, and appropriate brushes. You can also buy blush and eye shadow of your choice.

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    Before you start applying the makeup, make sure your face is cleansed, toned, and moisturised. This will give you a good base to build on as you begin the application. Once your skin has absorbed the moisturiser completely, apply some primer on your face, to smooth out your skin and prepare it for the makeup.

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    Start with the bareMinerals foundation. Take a small amount (roughly 1/8 teaspoon) of the foundation makeup and put it in the cap of the container. A little bit of bareMinerals foundation goes a long way, so don’t be too heavy-handed with this stuff.

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    Pick up your natural face brush, and using the technique recommended by the company, dip it and swirl it in the foundation powder. Try and distribute the powder evenly through the brush bristles.

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    Next, tap the brush over the makeup container to shake off the excess powder.

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    Then, starting from the outside of your cheekbones, buff the powder all over your face and neck evenly, moving the brush in a swirling circular motion. BareMinerals foundation is subtle, so feel free to apply a second coat if you want – as opposed to looking cakey, this will in fact smooth and even your skin out further.

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    Once this is done, put the natural face brush aside, and pick up the concealer brush. Dip this into the foundation makeup too, and use to it touch up spots that need more coverage, like underneath the eyes, or over acne spots.

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    Finish by applying translucent mineral powder (also known as Mineral Veil) all over, to set the makeup and help it last longer. Your basic bareMinerals makeup is now complete, and if you wish, you can further experiment by trying out the blushes and eye shadows the bareMinerals line has to offer.

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