How to Apply the Makeup of a Renaissance Woman

The renaissance makeup is not something each and everyone out there can pull off. It requires a lot of things and you need to have a lot of training as well. You should have an idea in your mind regarding the exact look that you want to show to the people.

Are you doing the makeup only because you want to look like a renaissance person, or are you going out to a renaissance party where you have to look like a person from those times? If you have chosen the latter option, then you should be doing a lot of things to look better than the others.


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    You should know what exactly you want to look like. If you want to show the people that you are trying to look like a peasant, then you will not need a lot of things and you won’t have to do a lot of makeup. However, if you are aiming to become a noble woman, then you will need a lot of makeup and you will have to carry a graceful look. They were very much in style back then and you will have to apply a lot of foundation to pull that look off.

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    For starters, you will either need sunscreen or foundation. Aiming for a foundation is a better option. Once you have chosen between the two, apply a layer of one of them on your face and make sure that you level the layer and it is uniform throughout your face. Once you are done with applying the foundation, make sure that you have not outdone yourself and your skin looks absolutely white.

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    You should know whether your persona is allowed to wear a lipstick or not. If you are representing a noble woman, then you can easily pull off a lipstick. In any case, if you are planning to wear a lipstick, go for a red one as women in the older days often wore red lipstick.

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    Once you are done with applying lipstick, it is time for you to add a bit of face powder. This will really add to the look that you are trying to get out of the whole thing. Try to make your face as white as possible.

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    Eye makeup

    Eye makeup is absolutely necessary if you are planning on becoming a noble renaissance woman. Try to use eyeliner and mascara. A thin line of eyeliner will be just perfect and a bit of mascara will do the trick. Eye-shadows can also be used but you will have to use natural tones in eye-shadows.

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