How to Apply Makeup for Photo Shoot

Are you planning a photo shoot for a career boost as a model? Keep one thing in your mind that the photo shoot requires a totally different makeup than the one worn during normal days. Photo shoot is an activity of bright lighting and therefore requires a little heavier and more dramatic makeup application. Make sure that your photo shoot makeup should drastically change your appearance as you cannot make an experiment at the crucial time and the photos should look like you as well.


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    Get a flawless face

    First of all wet your face until next with cold water. Squeeze a medium amount of face-wash or cleanser onto your wet palm and rub both palms of hands together until forms fine leather between hands. Now, use your palms and fingertips to massage the face-wash or cleanser into your face in circular motion. Continue massaging for about 1 minutes and the rinse with water. Dab your face with a tissue paper or towel to dry thoroughly.

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    Apply moisturizer

    Now, apply some good quality moisturizer across your entire face until neck and massage it in circular motion until completely penetrates into your skin.

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    Apply concealer

    Grab a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone and apply it on the dark circles under your eyes and the blemishes around your face.

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    Apply foundation

    Apply a heavier foundation cream across face and until neck, blending it well with your fingertips.

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    Apply pressed face powder

    Dip a face sponge into a pressed face powder and apply a thick layer of it to your face and neck. Now, use the sponge to blend the pressed powder properly until it mixes with the foundation cream and create a flawless face.

    Note: Make sure not to use a shimmery foundation or pressed powder as both of them are not suggested for photo shoot makeup.

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    Contouring is must

    Contouring is one among the major step in appling makeup for photo shoot. Make sure to maintain your natural look while highlighting various parts of your face with contouring.

    Contour cheek bones: Dip a medium angle powder brush into a contour powder or non-shimmer bronzer and place it on the highest part of your cheek bone. Now, gently brush downwards until the end of your cheekbone and then starts blending it upwards to the highest part of your cheek.

    Contour nose: Take a small angled shading eyeshadow brush, dip it into contouring powder, and place it on the inner side of your brow bone. Hold it firmly and move it downward towards the tip of your nose. Repeat the same method with the other side of your nose. Now, use the same brush to blend the powder thoroughly between your nostrils. Use a fluffy powder brush to apply some translucent or invisible powder down your nose and blend it for few second until it is not visible anymore.

    Contour jaw line: Contouring a jaw line is also very simple. All you have to do is, lead your face brush with some contouring powder and apply it along the edges of your jaw lines and end at outer edge of the lips. Blend it until you get the desired look.

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    Apply eye makeup

    Your eye makeup is really important factor when it comes to a photo shoot. However, an eye makeup with a natural look is more recommendable for photo shoot as compared to heavy eye makeup. Try to select an eye shadow that nicely complements your attire. If it is just a face photo shoot, then you can apply any light eye makeup. You can Wear Pink Eyeshadow, Green Eyeshadow, and Silver Eyeshadow. Once you apply eyeshadow, Apply Gel Eyeliner and mascara.

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    Apply lip liner and lipstick

    Apply a lip liner to the outer edges of your lips and then apply a fine quality lipstick. Top the lipstick with a thin layer of lip balm or lip gloss for wet look. Select the lipstick and lip line in same color and keep the lip gloss one shade darker than the color of lipstick.

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    Your makeup is all set to go, rock the photo shoot and enjoy!

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