How To Apply Accelerator for an Even Tan

Everyone wants to look gorgeous and different from others in their own capacity. In order to be more attractive and appealing, we do many things. Similarly, a number of people love tanning under the sun or in the tanning bed to make their skin tone more attractive. Tanning is a fascinating idea as you can go to a beach in your region in your free time and lay under the sun. The whole exercise does not just help you tan your skin, but it is mentally and physically very refreshing.

However, at times, tanning your skin can be a very slow process and you may not be able to take time out of your hectic routine. Therefore, you need to know the right process which can help you tan your skin faster. Using an accelerator can help you to get a gorgeous and deep tan in a considerably shorter period of time.  By preparing the body to get exposed to the sun’s rays, you can get the tan accelerated. It stimulates the natural melanin production.

In an effort to get the tan accelerated, people often fail to have an even tan, which is extremely important for your outlook. However, if you are a little careful, you can have an even tan by applying the accelerator as well.


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    Establish a base tan

    First of all, you need to take a shower and dry your skin through a towel nicely. By removing the dead skin cells, you will prepare your skin for even tan. Before you use the tanning accelerators, you must establish a base tan, which is vital to have an even and smooth tan.

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    Apply the accelerator

    Some parts of the human body can be tanned very quickly; whereas, others take a lot of time. So make sure that you apply the accelerator only on those areas of your body which are slow to tan. If you apply the accelerator evenly on every part of your body, your tan won't be consistent.

    While applying the accelerator, you should be slow and massage it until it is absorbed by the skin. It will help you to make sure that you do not miss any spots. After putting the accelerator on your body, you can tan either outside, under the sun, or in tanning booths.

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    Moisturize your body daily

    In order to keep your tan looking awesome for a longer period of time, you should moisturize your body every day.

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