How to Create Dewy Cheeks

While matte makeup is great for creating a glamorous and edgy look that sharply defines your cheekbones and the contours of your face, certain times and occasions might call for a look that is softer and more youthful. In these cases, the dewy cheeks look works great – this makeup technique makes your cheeks appear dewy, fresh, and young, making for a softer, more natural look.

Things Required:

– Moisturizer
– Foundation
– Cream blush
– Highlighter
– Clear lip gloss


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    To begin, wash and cleanse your face thoroughly (use a creamy face wash, to get the moisturising process going), and then pat your face dry. Then, gently rub moisturiser into the apples of your cheeks, swirling it in gently until it is fully absorbed, and your cheeks are nice and hydrated.

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    Next, apply foundation all over your face and neck, to achieve a flawless, even-toned complexion. The tint of the foundation you use should be as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Make sure you dab and blend it into your skin – don’t attempt to rub it on, as this will make it patchy and dry. Once you are done applying the foundation, skip the face powder application – this will dry your skin, and for the dewy look, you will need to retain every last bit of moisture in your cheeks.

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    Then, proceed to apply cream blush – this will have more moisture than powder blush. Use a shade you like (pink, rosy, and peach shades generally work great for the dewy look), and rub and blend it gently into the apple of our cheek. Be subtle with this, however – don’t overdo it, as it could end up looking like clown makeup.

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    Once this is done, it is time for the final touches. Apply a thin, sparing layer of liquid highlighter over the cream blush – this will give the skin a shimmery look that will reflect the light. Finally, top it off with a tiny dot of clear lip gloss in the middle of your cheek. Blend this gently over the entire cheek with your finger, to top it off with some extra shine, and to help increase the longevity of the dewy look. Apply the lip gloss gently and carefully, as it could smear and ruin the entire look if applied with a rough hand.

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