How to Apply Children’s Makeup

Makeup is generally for grownups but children also use this art for some activities. There may be a fancy dress competition or a play that they are working on in the school theatre. Keep in mind that makeup for kids is different from that for the older ones. You need to be extra careful to perform this act and the first thing you need to do is to inform their parents. This will help you in getting to know about any allergies that a child has. Apply the makeup carefully making sure that the eyes are safe.


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    Inform parents regarding the activity

    You must inform the parents of the children regarding the activity. The parents should have in mind what is happening so that there are no difficulties afterwards. In this way, you may also get to know about any allergies that the children might have.

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    Choose cosmetics suitable for children

    Always choose the cosmetics that are suitable for the young ones. Children have sensitive skin and makeup for elders can cause allergies. There are special makeup kits for children which are hypo-allergenic which can be used for this purpose.

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    Safety precautions

    You must use different applicators for every different child. Using the same applicator is not suitable and can cause allergies.

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    Apply the makeup

    First of all, apply a proper and a light base with an applicator. Make sure that the base is not heavy and does not look bad in light. You can also use a blusher after you apply the base and use a light lipstick for the purpose. You can also use eyeliners for kids that are over six years old. Using eye makeup for young ones can be dangerous as it may cause eye infections.

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    Let the children choose

    When you are applying makeup on the child, make sure you get their input as well. They are extremely excited in these cases and you would definitely want some ideas from them also. They will feel confident in this way as they will be wearing makeup that best suits them and their personality. This best works in cases of face painting for a fancy dress competition.

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