How To Apply Concealer Makeup to Dark Skin

Having a dark skin can be a blessing in many ways but at the same time it can be headache for the feminine gender. This concept is not true that dark skin cannot have dark spots and just like people with fair tones, people having darker tone can also suffer from facial mark problems. They can have scars, pimples and other things like that. However, the good thing is that there is a solution for people with dark tones.

Concealers, especially made for dark skin are available in the market and now the people with dark skin do not have to hide in their closets anymore just because they have acne or pimples. Following these easy steps, you can learn how to apply concealer makeup to dark skin without much toil. It is very important to learn how to properly apply a concealer on such skin so follow these steps and make your life flawless again.


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    Right colour

    The first and the most important thing in this regard is choosing the right shade. You cannot just go to the market and grab the first concealer you saw and put it on your face. The face that you have a dark skin, a perfect concealer for you would be of a medium shade or medium dark in some cases. And always remember that your concealer should be lighter than your foundation so keep this in mind while purchasing the concealer.

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    Usually people apply concealer first then they move on to the foundation. However, sometime you can apply foundation before concealer if you want to hide the dark spots on your skin.

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    This is the most important part of your make up. You can either use your fingers or a brush to apply the concealer. Apply the concealer very carefully and put a very thin layer at first. Since concealer is a very concentrated material, excessive use of it can ruin your make up and it will look very obvious that you are wearing it.

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    No one can acclaim to be perfect in applying makeup and even the smartest of the lot made a lot of mistakes while applying makeup especially when we talk about the dark skin. If you have put a thicker layer of concealer, you can always fix it and it can be remedied and corrected. Use tissue to wipe off the extra concealer.

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    Put on loose powder to finish things off.

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