How To Apply Finishing Powder for Metallic Makeup

Metallic makeup gives your regular makeup a stunning and sparkling touch. Whilst the metallic makeup is great for women of any age, young girls feel a bit intimidated by the daring sparkle. Such makeup suits mature skin, so if you are above 40 you can safely go for a metallic makeup on a special occasion.

This will help you maintain a fresh look throughout the day. Moreover, a finishing powder soaks up the unnecessary oil in the foundation and that secreted by your sweat glands, reducing the oily shine on your face and optically minimizing large facial pores, aging lines and other imperfections. It is especially useful if you have a long day ahead. But you need to follow some basic guidelines when applying this type of makeup.

Things Required:

– Translucent finishing powder
– Foundation
– Blush
– Large powder brush
– Other makeup products (according to your preference)


  • 1

    Start your makeup as usual by first applying the foundation. You can use either liquid or powder foundation, depending upon your skin type. Use liquid foundation if you have dry skin, and powder or mineral foundation if you have oily skin. Blend it properly to make sure that there are no spots of foundation on your face.

  • 2

    After applying the foundation, wear blush on your cheeks, using a wide brush.

  • 3

    After you have applied the foundation and blush, set it with a really milled translucent finishing powder.

  • 4

    Take a large powder brush and dust the finishing powder all over your face. This will blend the foundation and the blush nicely.

  • 5

    Besides, the finishing powder will minimize the pore size, and will also help to soak up any oily shine, giving your makeup a nice matte finish.

  • 6

    If you got a little heavy handed with the blush, use the finishing powder to soften that.

  • 7

    If you are using a really finely milled finishing powder, you can apply as much of it as you want, it would not look heavy or cakey.

  • 8

    After having your face properly dusted with the finishing powder, apply any other makeup you want to wear.

  • 9

    You are set for the day, go out and make heads turn.

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