How to Update Makeup for Fall

Many women use makeup to make the features of their face more expressive, attractive and prominent. Although there are certain rules in applying mascara, shadows and other decorative means, we need to make changes according to the season in this area of ​​cosmetology.

Right amount of make-up and the quality of the equipment used can work miracles with your appearance. It can hide the flaws without the shadow of doubt. To do such a makeup, it is not necessary to refer to any makeup artist – all the details of this art can be learned independently.


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    You can contrast colour combinations in makeup. Leading make-up artists suggest you to use lipstick along with a lip gloss. At the border of the eyebrows, you can use combination of up to three different colours. Thus, the shadows can be of one colour, the lips - the other, and eye-liner - the third. It is better to use bright colours, just as you use with yellow, red, orange, bronze colour autumn season.

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    Blondes can use bright shades such as pink shades, complemented by an active connector to co-ordinate with the colour of the eyes.

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    For brunettes, it is recommended to use red lip gloss and bright red lipstick to get updated in fashion this fall. There is no need to paint the nails in the same colour with respect to the colour of lipstick and eye-liner. You can make a fine impression, if you do not think about the combination of colours

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    Red-haired women, can use blue shadows of all shades - from navy blue to sky blue. Lipstick should also be bright - carrot or pink. The type of hair can really help you choose specific shades. So, in order to look different take good care of your hair.

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    Despite the rules for this season, you need to stick to the main thing: the colours used for makeup must be clean. Do not mix them to avoid getting dirty and washed out ones.

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    You can pick the mascara colour according to the colour of the eyes or you can also experiment with contrasting combinations. Brown-eyed women can use blue, blue-eyed can use orange whereas green-eyed women can use red.

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