How to Apply Blush and Contour

With the help of blush, every woman can make correction to the features of her face or give it a little bit of freshness. But this part of makeup has its own quirks. Conceived to create an image, you need to know how to apply blush properly.

There is little arguing to the statement that women can change their appearance in no time after picking up a blush. Although the use of blush is not considered mandatory, this way of correcting the shape of the face can truly be called an efficient and easy.


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    Pre-determine the type of your face and apply all make-up, in accordance with this feature. Be sure to consider your skin tone and the colour of the hair.

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    Start by choosing a colour that goes with the colour of your skin. Choose a light pink blush, if your complexion is a bit dark. Skinned women can use shades of blush pink. Use warm colours: brown, apricot, honey, if your skin is yellow. If you doubt the choice of colours of blush, use peach or light-brown shades that are suitable for any skin type.

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    To visually adjust the triangular face and give it an oval shape, accentuate the cheeks with dark blush. Try to adjust the shape of the cheek with blush and if you have a round face, use a blush with more saturated colours.

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    Keep in mind that every woman cannot use blush. If your face has wrinkles, blush may emphasize them and highlight some other shortcoming. Young girls usually make a thin layer of the natural colour tones and then apply blush on top. However, this can be seen with the naked eye and looks unattractive.

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    In order to apply blush properly, you'll need a brush or sponge. Apply blush from the bottom to upside in a circular motion. The more carefully you blush, the more natural you look in makeup.

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