How to Apply Makeup for a Luncheon

A lunch with friends, family or colleagues, allows us to express ourselves through different looks, depending on the company, the occasion and the venue, you will have to choose suitable dress and makeup.

You can start by choosing the right dress and appropriate shoes. Makeup however, is even more crucial as it allows you to experiment with your appearance and helps you enhance it. Makeup according to the type of lunch and the place is the key and you have to take into account all these factors while getting ready.

Most women prefer light makeup when having an informal lunch; however, dark makeup is used for formal parties or dinners.


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    Using a sponge, you can apply liquid or a crème-to-powder foundation on your face. Rather than putting on the makeup inside a room, you should try to apply it under natural light so that you have an idea about the actual look. There are some women who mix two makeup colours to get the desired result. While applying the foundation, you should ensure that it covers the entire face, neck and the eyelids. Makeup lines can be checked on the jawline.

    Sweep the bristles across the surfaces of the powder after opening it. In order to know if there is any excess powder or not, you can tap the brush stem on your wrist. The foundation can be set by swirling it all over your face. Including your neck area, you need to move from top to bottom in small circles; however, make sure that the powder does not go inside your eyes.

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    Match your lip liner with your lipstick

    The colour of the lip liner should match your lipstick. Some common colours for dinners like deep reds and burgundy should be avoided for lunch. Softer colours like taupe or pink should be preferred instead.

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    For a lunch, the eye-shadow needs to be soft and compliment your dress. The eyeliner should be applied just above the rim of the eyelashes, on the top. Avoid the bottom.

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    Matte blush colour for cheeks

    For cheeks, you can sweep a matte blush colour, which should be pretty and light. You should gently stroke across the surface of the powder using the brush and apply it gently on to your cheeks, making sure it merges softly.

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