How to Make Sure You Don’t Have Too Much Makeup On

Makeup is primarily for enhancing natural features, and for adding a little something extra to a look. However, at times, it ends up being overdone, giving a cakey, unpleasant effect. Sometimes, this isn’t instantly apparent to the person who is applying the makeup – caught up in the desire to look good, you might end up going a bit overboard, and not notice until you happen to step out of the house. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make sure you never overdo your look.


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    Choose eye makeup shades that are close to, or flatter, your natural skin tone. Do not go for something that will look completely unnatural on your skin – e.g. electric blue eye shadow is only suitable for a costume party, and will just end up looking odd with an everyday look. Daytime looks require light eye shadow so stick to neutral shades, and only go for the darker, deeper shades for an evening look. Even then, make sure you do not use multiple outrageous shades – e.g. if you want to wear bright purple, tone it down by blending it into muted gold at the crease.

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    Pick just one feature of your face to highlight. Brightly done eyes paired with a bold lip colour will look a lot like clown makeup, so go with just one feature that you want to accentuate the most. If you decide to do bold, smoky eyes, pair them with a nude or neutral lip colour, and skip the blush entirely. If your lips are the feature you want to highlight, go for a bright lip colour, and just use a light touch of eyeliner on your eyes, with a very faint tinge of blush.

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    Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone exactly. Applying orange-toned foundation to give your skin a tanned look, or applying porcelain foundation to lighten a dark complexion are all bad ideas, and are very apparent. Use a shade that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible, and do not cake it on – apply a thin, even layer, which blends into your skin completely.

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    If you plan to use more makeup, go easy on the accessories. If your eye makeup is bright, do not carry an oversized fire-engine red bag. It is also helpful to pair bold makeup with simple hairstyles, in order to balance the look out.

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