How to Apply Cream Foundation

Foundations are extremely popular among women. It is applied before any makeup to hide the texture and spots on your skin, and give it a smooth and fresh look.

Cream foundation is more effective for dry skin in comparison to an oily one. You need to apply the the foundation in a proper manner and the coverage should match the skin tone of your neck and hands. Remember that the foundation should always be applied on a clean skin so wash the face with the help of a cleanser.

Things required:

– Cleanser
– Moisturizer
– Cream foundation
– Stippling brush
– Face powder


  • 1

    Cleanse and moisturise the face and neck area

    First of all, wash your face with a cleanser so that any dirt is removed, before you apply the cream foundation. You can also use an exfoliator as it will remove any dead skin on the face and will give a fresher look. Cleanse the neck area also while you wash your face and apply a toner. After cleansing, moisturise the skin gently as it will help in preventing any oiliness.

  • 2

    Apply cream foundation on brush

    Make sure you use a damp brush for the makeup and apply a small amount of cream foundation on it. You must not use too much foundation as it has more coverage than the liquid foundation.

  • 3

    Apply the cream foundation

    Use a stippling brush to apply the foundation as it is effective in giving you a natural finish. Start from the jaw line and apply the foundation in a downward motion. This will ensure that any little hair that remain on the face lay flat with the foundation. Apply the foundation until you reach the coverage level you want and use finger pads to give a finishing touch.

  • 4

    Finish by applying face powder

    You can set the cream foundation with the help of a face powder in the end. This will ensure that the foundation remains on the skin for a longer period of time.

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