How To Apply Eyeliner for Glamorous Glitter Makeup

Eyeliner is an essential part of a party makeup and if you are looking to make your evening sexier and interesting, the idea to use glitter eyeliner can make your makeup even more glamorous. If you really want your eyes to pop and sparkle for a particular moment, try applying glitter eyeliner.

Girls are usually afraid to experiment glitter eyeliner because it looks extra funky and the fact that it is kind of difficult to apply. However, if you learn how to apply eyeliner for glamorous glitter makeup, you will not hesitate to try it out on a night party.

Things you need:

In order to correctly apply Eyeliner for Glamorous Glitter Makeup, you need following things before you can start applying the makeup.

– Liquid glitter eyeliner
– Face cleanser
– Soft washcloth


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    The first thing you need to do is wash your face. You cannot apply the makeup correctly unless your face is cleaned properly. Use a face-wash to clean your face and once you are done with that, use a soft wash-cloth to dry up your face before thinking about applying any kind of makeup.

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    Apply your eyeshadow and make sure that that is all you want to do with your eyes. Yes you can further add mascara before applying the glitter eyeliner. And it would be a better idea to use powdered eyeliner as gels tend to smear. This can cause the glitter to travel all over your face which can ruin your makeup.

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    Now apply your dark pencil eyeliner. This will pop out your eyes and will make them more tempting. This will keep the attention of the crowd on your eyes and your can turn out to be the main event. The thing that should be kept in mind here is that you have to use pencil eyeliner. Never ever use liquid eye liner while going for glitter makeup as the glitter eyeliner in this case will smear you.

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    Now take the glitter eyeliner and Stroke on a single line of it. Begin on the eyelid slightly to the inside of your pupil and follow the line of your eyelid. Keep doing this until you reach the outer edge. Now carefully draw the brush up towards to the end of your eyebrow. That will give your eyebrows a subtle cat-eye effect. Try to avoid the corners of your eyes as they can easily get irritated or itchy

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