How to Apply Makeup While Having a Cold

When you have a cold, you are in no mood to apply make up with those watery eyes and runny nose. There are days when you can have the luxury of resting at home when you have a cold but the commitments around you do not end on other days. If there is a formal presentation or a party, you have to wear some make up. It seems that looking good and presentable just gets difficult when you have a cold but it is not impossible. If applied tactfully, the makeup can hide the imperfections and you will end up looking praiseworthy. So do not sulk and lower your morale when you have a cold, instead apply make up the right way. These simple tips will tell you how to apply makeup when you have a cold.


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    A hot shower is the perfect way to get soothed when you have a flu. It clears the groggy feeling in your head. If you have to apply makeup, after taking a hot bath immediately apply a moisturizer. The moisturizer should be thick and soothing and helps to keep the skin hydrated. A stick style moisturizer should be preferred for the irritated spots as they are good soothers.  Do not forget to apply the concealer. People say that it acts as a miracle potion when you have a cold. Apply some concealer on your nose to hide its redness and no one will ever know that you had a cold.

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    Your skin becomes uneven and blotchy. If you apply foundation on such a skin, it just settles in the chapped spots, giving the skin a more uneven look. A dusting powder or a tinted moisturizer is a much better choice than mineral makeup on such days. The watery and puffy eyes could also have an effect on your mascara. Do not make the eyes look very intense but it would be a good idea to curl your lashes as it gives a fresh effect. Do not use liners on pigmented shadows as they can make the eyes itchier.

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    After you are done with applying the light powder, you need to give your cheeks a rosy touch. A good blush on is perfect for these days. Also apply a good lip colour so that your lips do not look dried and colourless. A lip balm is a good choice as it does not settle into the cracks on the lips.

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