How To Apply Dramatic Mascara

Nothing says “diva” like dramatically done up eyes, and to achieve this look, it is vital to accentuate the eyes with mascara. While many go for the “clumped eyelashes” look to make their eyes more prominent, this can appear unattractive close up. Instead, a far bolder, more sultry effect can be achieved through a tailor-made method for applying dramatic mascara.

Things required:

– A tube of mascara
– An eyelash curler
– A hairdryer (optional)
– A lash comb


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    Start by buying top-quality mascara. Bargain brands and cheaper varieties might seem easy on the wallet, but you’ll regret it later on. Instead, invest in a premium-quality tube of mascara from a good, trusted brand. Aside from the brand, there are countless types of mascara available in the market as well, so make sure you pick one that is formulated for your specific needs – e.g. volumising mascara.

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    Once you have applied all of your eye makeup (eye liner, eye shadow, etc), you can begin on your eyelashes. Start by using an eyelash curler, to build a good base before you apply the mascara. You can place the curler in front of a running hairdryer for a moment, to heat it up and amp up its curling power. Using a warm eyelash curler will make the curl last longer – however, be careful not to burn your eyelids in the process.

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    Next, apply the mascara – there are various methods you can use for a powerful, clump-free application. Begin by sweeping the brush through your lashes, applying a thin coat towards the roots, a slightly thicker coat in the middle, and finally sweeping upwards when you reach the tips of your lashes.

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    Ensure that you add a couple of coats, to boost the volume – however, do not pause in the middle of these coats, as this will allow the mascara to dry, and cause the eyelashes to clump together. Place the brush in your eyelashes, move it in a zig-zag motion, and then sweep it up while blinking downwards – repeat this a couple of times. During the process of applying multiple coats, try fanning out the lashes on the outer corners of your eyes, to give them a winged effect.

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    Finally, run a clean lash comb through your lashes (while the mascara is still wet) to separate them, and add extra length. You can also apply a small touch of mascara on your lower lashes too (but not more), to give them some definition and complete the look.

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