How to Apply Bridal Makeup Lipstick

Lipstick gives a final touch to any makeup application. It is really hard to find a right shade of lipstick that goes well with your dress, makeup, accessories and wedding theme. A important thing to do is to consider a variety of lip products that last long. To be honest, there is no real way for your lipstick to last forever; throughout the event you’ll have to touch-up and other damage will be done by eating or drinking on your wedding day. You can minimize touch-ups and damage by a little care and maintenance of your lips during the big day. You will need the following things to get your lips done :

Things Required:

– Tissues
– Lip Balm
– Lip Brush
– Lip Liners
– Lipstick
– Mirror


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    First of all, you must start taking care of lips in the weeks leading to your marriage. If you have dry, cracked lips then you have to try hard. Moisturise your lips regularly with Vaseline, ChapStick or lip balm etc. Soft lips make makeup easy and look good too.

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    Apply all the makeup before putting on lipstick and lip liner. Begin with applying a little petroleum jelly to moisturise your lips. This will make applying lipstick a lot more easier.

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    Lining your lips gives a good support to your lipstick, so for giving the lasting effect,draw the line along the edges of your lips with the lip liner. Make sure its colour is darker than the natural colour of your lips. Start with the centre of upper lip. For thin lips, broaden the edges to make your lips look thicker and fuller. For thick or naturally full lips line within the edges.

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    Here comes the most important step: choosing colour of your lipstick. The colour of your lipstick should coordinate with your dress, accessories and wedding theme. The most common choice is classical red. Its gives a classy and fabulous look to the bride. If you want to give a natural and lighter effect you can choose light pink shades. Apart from red and pink shades, you can choose berry colour with shiny touch, coral shade and some shades of orange. Well, all depending on your dress and skin tone.

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    Depending on your wedding theme and dress, you can apply clear gloss or sheer gloss. Too much gloss will spoil your wedding look.

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    For giving a lasting effect on your special day, you can use long wearing formula, many products are available for that.  You can also keep your lipstick safe by avoiding eating and drinking too much.

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    Finally, remove the excess colour if there is any, and smooth the texture.

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