How to Avoid a Cakey Face

A makeup that not only enhances your features, but gives a natural look as well is what I call a real makeup. Putting on makeup in an excellent way itself is an art which requires effort and esthetic sense, so be innovative and creative while applying makeup on your face. The most important part of makeup is its base which can make your look extravagant and if it is not applied properly it can also destroy your face. You have to keep in mind the occasions and the hues you are using no one would like to make an entrance in a function with a cakey face.


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    Before applying base or concealer take a moderate amount of lotion, cream or a foundation primer, which will suit your skin’s texture. Apply it so that the open pores of your skin can evenly be filled.

    Do not apply concealer immediately wait for awhile, so that the moisturizer is absorbed.

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    After applying foundation, with the help of concealer try to cover the unwanted spots on your skin then apply a slight amount of foundation on the concealed areas.

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    The translucent powder should be applied when you are done with the base. Apply the powder on the oily areas with the help of a brush.

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    For eye use a good quality eye cream before concealing the dark circles or wrinkles because that is the most delicate part of your face.

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    After putting on concealer or base for your makeup start colouring your eye with appropriate hues and make sure not to go out of the way by applying heavy shades.

    Keep in mind the occasion and the time whether the function is in evening or in daylight.

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    Ladies who have warm skin tone should use shades of browns for blush on while ladies with light complexion can prefer pink shades.

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    You have to be very selective while choosing the perfect lipstick shade never put on dark shade if your eye makeup is heavy.

    When you are done with your makeup never forget to put a mirror in your purse, you should always take a look at your makeup after every two hour so that you can maintain your fresh look.

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