How To Apply a Stocking Cap Weave

Hair weaves have long been used to enhance the appearance of one’s hair. One can have a variety of hair styles without even having a hair cut or altering their natural hairs with the help of chemicals.

Stocking Cap Weaving is one of the types of hair weaves. In this method, the hair extensions are applied directly to a stocking cap rather than applying to one’s own hairs. By using this method, one can lessen the damage to own natural hairs.

There are many saloons that offer the services of hair weaving, but one can easily do it at home after reading this article.

Things Required:

– Hair extensions
– Stocking cap
– Weaving glue
– Plastic wrap or paper towels
– Curved Needle
– Thread
– Scissors
– Hair dryer
– Wig block


  • 1

    Wash your hair properly, and braid them into cornrows after drying them with a hair dryer. Before placing a stocking cap at your head, wrap your braided hairs to protect them from glue. The stocking cap should be reaching your eyebrows. Measure the base of the weave, as only the base will be sewn in your natural hair to keep the stocking cap in place. With the help of a curved needle, start sewing from the nape. Always thread when you sew the base.

  • 2

    Glue all the rest of the tracks after measuring and cutting into desired length. Start from the base track upwards until you reach the top of your head in a circular pattern.

  • 3

    Measure around 2 inches of weave, and roll it tightly using your fingers. On the track part of the weave, apply a small amount of glue, and allow it to dry up a bit before repeating the process on others. Apply glue to the rolled track, which should fit perfectly at the top of your head that is empty, and apply a bit of glue at the centre as well. Wait for the glue to dry up before separating the rolled weaves, which will ensure that none of the tracks are showing. Cut and style according to your own liking.

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