To Be Beautiful Is the Birthright of Every Woman

We all tend to get attracted towards beauty, be it natural or artificial. Every one of us wants to look attractive, so that we can gain the attention of others. However, women are naturally more inclined towards the desire to look gorgeous. Imagine how dull and boring this world would have been without the existence of females, who play a vital role in each society in their personal capacities.

Unfortunately, there is a mindset which believes that women are ‘supposed to appear attractive’. If a woman is giving additional care to her personality and looks, it does not necessarily mean that she is making an effort to arouse the emotions of others.


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    Focus on being beautiful not hot

    To look beautiful is the birthright of every woman and she must take all measures to do so. However, looking beautiful is one thing and desirable another. There is a very thin line between looking beautiful and looking seductive. The former should always be preferred.

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    Avoid provocative clothing

    There is a massive misconception in the youth of  today that you have to wear provocative or revealing clothes to enhance your looks. This is not true by any stretch of the imagination. If you are one of those, then you have probably not realised your full potential and you undermine your beauty. Do not depend on revealing clothes to attract men and dress appropriately in public gatherings.

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    Be charming

    Beauty is not just about outer looks and clothing. If you are a knowledgeable and intelligent lady, you have a greater chance of looking beautiful instead of someone who is not as sharp. In order to enhance your personality and knowledge, you should read books and other forms of literature. Even if you do not have the best of physical features, you can look beautiful if you know how to carry yourself.

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    Most people believe that ‘confidence is sexy’. If you are confident about your own self, chances are high that others will also think positive about you. Love who you are and that will do wonders in enhancing your self-esteem as well as the outer appearance.  

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