How to Remove Ingrown Hairs Painlessly

The problem of ingrown hair is a very painful issue which every third women is facing these days. Whether any one uses wax for the purpose of hair removal, Epilator, tweezers, depilatory cream or razor the problem of ingrown hair remains there. Along with a bad skin looks it is also painful, due to which this aching issue cannot be ignored. Although in grown hair heals on their own, still it takes time about two to three weeks, but you cannot wait for such a long time to get rid of this hassle. If you have in grown hairs then the best thing is to avoid tight clothes and let the area expose to air. Things you will need to remove ingrown hair painlessly are mentioned below:

– Tweezers
– Cotton Pads
– Good quality Scrub
– Body Loofah
– Antibiotic Ointment
– Rubbing Alcohol


  • 1

    The first thing is to take shower with warm water so that your pores are opened. While taking shower with warm water use body loofah on the area where the in growth hair problem occurs.

  • 2

    Now use a good quality scrub and scrub your skin gently do not hurt yourself while scrubbing.

  • 3

    After scrubbing you will have to pluck out the hair, before doing that make sure your tweezers are clear from germs. If you are not sure then soak your tweezers in the liquid of rubbing alcohol and then clean it with a cotton pad.

  • 4

    Carefully analyze your skin and see if the hair is still in the skin or not usually due to scrubbing hairs do come out, if they are out then with the tips of the tweezers get hold of the hair and pluck them out.

  • 5

    If the hair is still in the skin and you are not able to bare the pain then let it be the way it is and wait until it heals itself. But if you wish to get rid of it then apply a moderate amount of antibiotic ointment and break the skin with a clean needle and take the hair out from the curve of the hair by slightly pulling it upwards. Then by using your tweezers pluck them out.

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