How to Get More Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient which can be found in several foods, especially fruits. The main aim of this vitamin inside your body is to protect cells from getting damaged. Mostly, the cells get damaged through free radicals, which are compounds in our body that act when food is being converted into energy. These free radicals are also present in the environment where there is smoke, pollution, etc. Another use of vitamin C in our body is the formation of collagen. It’s the clot that is needed when our body is trying to heal after getting a wound. The best source to gain Vitamin C is through fruits.


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    Red cherries

    The red cherry includes 10mg of Vitamin C, you can simply consume this delicious fruit and gain the amount of vitamin C you need.

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    This fruit has 105.4mg of Vitamin C. There are several people who consume this fruit only for the purpose of gaining high amount of vitamins.

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    With 14mg of Vitamin C in it, tomato is a fruit that you must have. It can be consumed in the form of a sauce or with a vegetable salad.

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    Guava also has an extremely high amount of vitamin C, 228.3mg. It can be consumed raw (a lot of fibres and seeds), or in the form of a juice.

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    A grapefruit has only 33.3mg of vitamin C.  Mostly people take out its juice to remove the fibres and only drink the much-needed vitamins.

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    Orange contains 64% vitamin C. However the amount you consume from one orange is only 53.2mg. They are considered to be one of the most famous sources for consuming vitamin C.

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    With 58.8mg of Vitamin C, strawberries are a good source to increase the amount of this particular vitamin in your body.

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    A cantaloupe contains 36.7mg of vitamin C. It’s mostly sweet water and that is the reason why you don’t get too heavy after you are done.

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    A papaya contains 62mg of vitamin C. However, the taste of this fruit is not something that everyone enjoys. That is one of the reasons why people avoid taking papaya for improving the amount of vitamin C in their body.

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    Apple is known add iron in your body. It also contains 4.2mg of vitamin C, which is enough to start your day.

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