How to Get Toned Dancer Legs

Bored with the quotidian exercises at the gym for hours without anything to show for all that sweat? Well it’s time to try and dance to get toned legs. Various types of dances like Jazz, ballet, hip hop and African dances can help tone your legs and bring uniqueness to your workout regimen. Dance instructors are lauded for their strong, flexible and perfectly toned bodies and their movements seems so easy and attractive that everyone wishes to be like them. However, having toned legs is not an easy job and a few steps need to be followed in order to achieve this feat.


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    The first thing that you need to do if you aspire to tone your legs is by selecting the kind of dance that you will enjoy doings. Some people prefer dances where movements are slow and controlled while others are attracted towards those with fast moves with quick transitions such as hip hop, jazz and African dance.

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    You also need to choose the ideal dance class for yourself during which you will be given chances to catch your breath. Every dance instructor has his or her own way of going about structuring sessions. There are a few instructors who can stop halfway through the movement to discuss that particular movement in theory. Then there are others who want their students to mimic what they are doing.

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    Ballet dancing is a great way to tone your legs. In this type of dance, you point your toes, lift your legs, give them a kick, leap into the air and turn on one leg. All these steps will add strength and balance to your legs. It is a precision oriented dance and will develop even those muscles in your legs you never knew existed. This is a perfect dance if you want to avoid having bulky legs.

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    Jazz dance is the best remedy to have stronger legs. Although the basic technique of this dance is similar to that of the ballet dance, it allows you more freedom in the upper body and hip movement. This means that you can work on other muscles as well.

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    Hip hop classes tend to be more athletic and cardiovascular in nature. Usually, your hip hop teacher will ask you to bring knee pads to the class as you will be spinning on your knees or sliding all over the floor. This particular kind of dance tones your calves, glutes and quad muscles and requires you to make quick movements.

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