10 Tips For Flawless Skin

Everybody wants a beautiful and flawless skin, as it is one of the most important  area for physical developments and a sign that says one is taking good care of themselves from the inside to the outside. It also shows the areas in one’s body that one ought to take care of and treat it. To achieve a flawless and healthy skin is not an easy task, but not an impossible task as well. To help attain a flawless skin here are these few basic guidelines to help;


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    The evidence of a good skin is shown from the outside, so how does one help achieve a flawless look from the outside(the areas where eyes can see). Basically it all starts from the face, so here we go;

    Gently Cleanse

    It is important to use gentle or soft soaps for the skin as harsh products on the body tend to cause irritations and other harmful issues to the skin due to chemicals that are heavily induced in some of these soaps. This can throw the PH off balance, induce inflammation, leading to premature degeneration and aging. Some skin types react quickly and badly to some of this soaps. This is why it is important to consult your doctor before buying any kind of soap to use on your skin.

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    No Make Up

    This is a tendency that is strong in women who use make up and don’t wipe them off after they are done with it. It is important to wipe all make up on the face before going to bed as to not leave the face irritated after a period of time, which can result to rashes or acnes. Also it is also good to note that one does not fall prey to the use of constant make up as the skin on the ace also has skin pores, too much make up from the skin will clog the pores, as the skin on the face needs to breathe. To attain flawless skin, one has to keep the face fresh and free from make up every once in a while, if not at all for a time being for the face to regain moisture, smoothness and freshness. SO DE-MAKE UP

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    Moisturizes are a source to developing good flawless skin. Some lotions are not good for the skin, before using any kind of moisturizer for your skin, identify your skin type which is in two category;

    Oily Skin

    One ought to use moisturizers that will freshen and balance the skin PH that is  no cream that will cause one to look sweaty or oily. This face type has to wipe their ace and use a cream that is suitable, if possible prescribed by their doctor. Going under the sun for this skin type is not ideal, nor using excessive make up or foundation base. A simple powder (preferable Johnson’s baby powder) and a shade of matte lipstick will do the trick. Anything that looks too much on the ace would case the skin to be irritated. For this skin type, always carry a scarf, hats, glasses or in some serious cases an umbrella to protect your face.

    Dry Skin

    For this skin type. It is needful one uses a moisturizer that keeps the face moisture. One doesn’t need excessive make up or powder for the face as this will irritate the skin and cause reactions that are prone to acne and the rest on the face. This face type needs a moisturizer that will keep the face fresh and neat. A medication like Aloe vera is best suited and any other recommendation from the doctor.

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    Make Up

    There are different types of make up types to use. Some are not healthy or best suited for some skin types. There are organic make up types available that will help preserve the skin PH and give a very natural look and prevent any facial problems. An example is  Bare minerals .

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    Exfoliation helps to smoothen and restore the skin to a better form and texture than it was. This can be done using hose hold ingredients like sugar, ground coffee, honey and raw egg combination, turmeric and a whole other ingredients. (Research google for more detailed info) This would help de-pollute dead cells on the skin and other acne problem that one might be facing. Doing this once or twice a week constantly would result in a good flawless skin.

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    Facial Mask

    Facial masks are one of the tools to help attain a flawless skin. (to know more on how to prepare facial mask, research on google) This masks help to hold the skin together, remove any dead cells that might have covered the skin and help to attain a glow . It also helps to remove acnes or pimples, rashes, black heads etc. There are medicated facial masks as well to help for the attainment of flawless skin. Consult a pharmacist, or a dermatologist.

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    Shower Consistently

    This will not only help brighten the skin, but will also rid the skin of any dead cell from the air, environment etc. Too many factors play a role in causing the skin tone to look less than what it’s supposed to look like, smoke, sun burn etc. Showering constantly would help eradicate all the unnecessary foreign bodies on the skin. Also it would help prevent body odor.

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    A Good Diet

    Another overwhelming factor that causes the problems in skin is what goes inside of us. Most times it is not what we do on the surface, but what we allow or body partake in would result in what is shown outside.

    Eating healthily would help the skin glow beautifully well and bright. Eating a balanced diet meal, with enough vitamins would help the skin. Fruits and vegetables would help the skin look good.

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    Drink Enough

    Drinking enough doesn’t involve taking alcohol and other hard drinks. Some drinks are not good for the skin. Alcohol, coffee, etc. It is important to drink water and enough of it too, at least 8 cups a day, green tea, fresh made juice and anything basically organic would help attain the look from the inside to the outside.

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    Another factor to help one attain a good flawless skin is good exercise. Exercise helps one to lose calories which will in turn make one lose fat and cause one to look more healthy, fit and strong. Plus the extra benefits like tight skin, and a feel good attitude.

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    Sleep is one of the most important factors that help one attain good flawless skin. Most times, the issues to why we can’t have good skin tone, all boils down to the fact that as human beings we all need a good amount of sleep and rest. 8 hours of sleep is what is recommended as the certified amount of sleep time. A good shower and a proper nap would help attain this.

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    Positive Vibe

    Smile! And be happy! The secret to this is to always wear a smile and have a positive vibe or be in a positive environment that will help one attain a good skin tone. One would wonder, how does smiling or being in a positive mindset help one look better?

    This is one of the secret to attain a good skin tone is by being healthy and happy as stress tend to take a toll on an individual and causes what is now known as “frown lines”, which tends to cause the face to look older than it would normally look. Smiling and be in a good environment would help attain for a good health position, which would cause a good smiling attitude that will prevent frown lines, in turn make one younger. Who doesn’t look beautiful whilst smiling! Plus with a flawless skin!

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