How to Make Marilyn Monroe Legs

Marilyn Monroe, an American model and a renowned actress, dominated silver screen and the heart of her million fans more than a decade. She has been a role model for thousands of women particularly because of her style and beauty.

There is little arguing to the statement that the charming lady attracted people towards her particularly because of her fine, curvy and thin legs. Her legs have been so popular that most women still want to make their legs just like her. There are plenty of methods to make your legs beautiful nowadays. However, not every woman can afford surgery.


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    There are plenty of exercises to shape-up your legs. Stand up and try to get up on your toes in a moderate pace 30-50 times. The following exercise helps to build up the thigh and making your legs thin and curvy.

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    Squeeze a medium-sized beach ball between your knees while you are in the sitting position. Pinch the ball in a comfortable pace for you until you feel tired leg muscles. After a short pause, repeat the process.

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    The third exercise is working with back and front muscles of your legs. Stand next to the table, slightly lean on it with your hands. Straighten up your legs backward and try to remain in that position for a few seconds. Try not to bend the legs and keep your back straight. Repeat this exercise ten times on one leg, then ten times on the second one.

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    In addition to these exercises, pay attention to nutrition. Your diet should exclude all fat and flour dishes. Give preference to complex carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits, vegetables) and light protein foods (chicken, dairy products, no more than 5% fat, eggs, cottage cheese). Give proper attention to your clothing.

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    But most importantly, make sure your posture is straight. By following the right diet and properly selecting clothes for yourself, not only you, but also the surroundings will appreciate your beautiful and slender legs.

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