How to Shave Your Face with Acne

Shaving with acne can be a very troublesome task, and if you cut any pimples in the process, not only is it very painful but also puts you at the risk of serious infection. Using the right products is vital in such a case, because the creams or gels you use should suit your skin type. Ideally, you should not shave till you recover, but if for some reason you must shave, follow the guidelines below.

Things Required:
– Sharp razor
– Non-alcoholic shaving cream or gel
– Shaving oil


  • 1

    Choose the right razor

    Choosing the right razor is very important. The razor that you use should be sharp, so that a cleaner shave is ensured. Dull razors can damage the skin, especially when you have acne. Moreover, try not to re-use a razor more than twice if you are shaving skin with acne.

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    Soften your skin

    Before you start shaving, wash your face with warm water to soften the hair and skin. This will result in lower resistance to the razor and lesser chances of damaging or irritating your skin.

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    Use products that are acne friendly

    Another important thing is to use products that are suited to your skin type. You should be using a non-alcoholic shaving cream or gel, as it will not irritate your skin during the shave. Moreover, shaving oil is essential, giving your skin extra protection after you have shaved.

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    Shave lightly

    You should shave lightly and very carefully. Make sure you do not cut open any acne bumps. Open acne may cause an infection on your skin and increase the chances of more outbreaks. Shave in a downward motion and apply little pressure. In this case, the sharper your razor is, the less force you will need to use.

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