How to Stop Swelling After a Fall

Fall during a race? Getting minor injuries during daily activities is quiet normal. However, the minor injuries can get worse if you do not treat them early in order to avoid swelling, known as inflammation or edema in medical term. Swelling is basically cased by the building up of fluid in the affected area’s tissues. It requires special care as if could not be stopped instantly, there will be more harm to the affected area and can take longer time to heal. However you do not need to go to any doctor as various simple but useful methods are available to fix it swelling effectively. The various methods to stop swelling are best for everyone to know.


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    Follow RICE Method

    RICE method is most effective ways to stop swelling and is prescribed by the doctors as well. R stands for Rest, I for Ice, C for Compression and E for Elevation.”

    Rest: Make sure to stop moving around once you fall down and take some rest to soothe it. Walking around can make the injury worse.

    Ice: Lightly place an ice pack on the injured area and let it rest for 20 to 25 minutes. It helps in slowing down the blood circulation around the affected area, forcing the swelling process to go down. If you don’t have the icepack available at hand, simply place some ice cubes in a small towel, wrap it and place on the inured area.

    Compress: Use an ACE bandage, available in the medical stores, to lightly compress the wounded area. It helps in reducing the pain and swelling.

    Elevate: In order to slow down the swelling process, elevate the injured area with the help of a medium soft pillow.

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    Avoid Salty and Spicy Food

    Make sure to avoid salty and spicy food items until you are thoroughly recovered from the injury. Salty food helps in keeping hold of liquid around the injured area, making the injury worse.

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    Prefer Cold Environment

    A cold environment helps in reducing the swelling process as compared to hot environment. Try you best to stay cool as much as you can.

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    Try Home Remedy

    Pour some pure vegetable oil into a bowl and add some sugar into it. Stir it until the sugar dissolves completely and forms a thick but smooth paste. Dip you finger tips into the oil mixture and gently apply it all over the injured area. Light massage the mixture until it penetrates into the wound. Apply this mixture 2 to 3 times a day.

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    Drink Plenty of Water

    Try to increase the intake of water as this natural solvent helps in flushing out the excess fluid from the cells of the affected area and putting it back into the bloodstream, creating more smooth blood circulation and less swelling.

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