How To Cover Age Spots on Oily Skin

Women use a variety of products on their face to get rid of age spots and are mostly unsuccessful in doing any good. There are a host of products in the market that claim to solve the problem, but the reality is that they eventually further harm you skin rather than helping it.

There are certain ways through which you can cover the aging marks on your skin. The use of mineral foundation on the skin with the use of proper brushes can definitely help in giving you a very good look.


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    Wash your face firmly with an oil-free face wash

    The first thing to do before you apply make-up to your skin would be to wash the face with an oil-free face wash. This would remove all the oil from your skin which is very important before you apply the make-up. Wait for the skin to dry and if you still feel that some part of the face is oily, clean it with a facial tissue. Apply an oil-free moisturizer to soften the skin before you put make-up.

    Make sure to apply the moisturizer in a reasonable quantity so that it can be spread to the whole face equally.

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    Apply mineral powder foundation

    The next task would be to apply the mineral foundation to the face. Apply the foundation through a kabuki brush as that is good in applying a soft base to the make-up. First apply the foundation to the centre of the face and then slowly move outwards. Blend away areas where you see excess foundation and apply equally to the face

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    Use concealer brush for age spots

    Now use the concealer crush to apply the mineral foundation to the areas with the age spots. The concealer brush is thinner as compared to the kabuki brush and is much more effective for the areas with the age spots. Cover the age spots with the foundations and press lightly where any lines are produced. Generally the affected areas are under the eye or around the lips so make sure you cover cleanly as applying more than required foundation would not look good

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    Use translucent powder

    In the end, use a fluffy make-up brush to apply translucent powder over the face to give a finishing touch to the foundation. Apply the rest of the make-up now as the base is complete. As your skin is oily in nature, it will become a bit greasy later in the day. Try to use powderless oil-blotting sheets to cover the areas that become oily as applying more foundation would spoil your look

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