How to Lavish Your Feet

Feet are that part of one’s body which they mostly ignore. People for that by keeping their feet clean not only enhances their outlook, but it also boosts their confidence. Clean feet is a sign of hygienic person, one who likes to take care of his body. Staying clean is a necessity as it tends to deliver a positive image regarding your personality to the other person, who otherwise might not have a good first impression about you. One can lavish their feet by applying simple techniques that could improve the presentation of their feet.


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    Hygiene is an important part to keep your feet healthy and lavish. In order to keep your feet well and in the right condition you need to make sure that you wash your feet day-to-day. Washing your feet helps you in getting rid of the dust, dirt and feet smell, if there is any. If you’re that kind of person who would shower every morning after getting up, then make feet-washing a daily habit. Lather up your feet with soap properly. Don’t avoid to clean the spaces between your toes, rinsing them with water in an exhaustive manner.

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    Getting your feet a pedicure can also help in lavishing them. You should try to pedicure your feet once every two weeks. This helps in keeping them look nice and clean. Not to forget that it makes you get rid of the dry and rough skin on your feet. It’s not essential that you spend a hefty amount of money your feet pedicures, you can simply do this by getting all the right essentials for the process at the comfort of your home.

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    Applying lotion to your feet helps in keeping them moisture. Put some lotion on your foot and gently rub it all around your foot. Make a habit of applying lotion to your feet daily. You can also use petroleum jelly instead of the lotion to apply on your feet. Whenever you wake up in the morning you’ll feel that your feet are as soft as they were last night due to the lotion or petroleum jelly that you’ve been applying. However, don’t leave the places between the toes over-moisturized or else it would cause fungus in there.

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    You can also use nail polish to enhance the outlook of your feet. Apply the nail paint on your toe nails. However make sure that the nail colour you use goes well.

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