How to Stop Tattoos From Itching

Tattoos are beautiful art that you carry around. However, taking care of the fresh tattoo is very important to avoid the side effects. When you engrave your favorite tattoo, you might be quiet surprised to discover that the skin around your tattoos will be flaky and itchy. Don’t panic as that is normal and it means your tattoos are healing. However, you cannot overlook the itching as it can cause infection, fading away the tattoos’ colour. There are numerous easy ways to stop tattoos from itching.

Things Required:

Soothing Lotion or cream
Cold water
Ice Cubes or Ice Pack
Small Towel


  • 1

    Slap Your Tattoos

    Don’t be surprised and just slap the itchy tattoos. It is the best way to soothe the itching. However, make sure not to slap hard. Otherwise, gently tap the new tattoos with your finger tips. You can have a friend or family member gently slap your tattoo to provide some relief. The slapping numbs the nerve endings under the skin and helps reduce the itching. This tapping also increases the blood flow in the area right under the tattoo.

  • 2

    Apply some Moisturizing Lotion

    Rub some moisturizing lotion on the tattoos in soft circular motion to assuage some itching. Use lotions that are made up of natural ingredients. You can find some nice moisturizing lotions that are specifically designed to be used with tattoos at various stores. Make sure that you apply enough moisturizing lotion so that it penetrates the skin and provides some soothing relief to the itchy sensations that you are experiencing.

  • 3

    Water Works

    Cold water is another superb way to stop tattoos from itching. Hold your tattoos under cold running water to soothe the itching process.  Pat the tattoos dry once the itchiness slows down. You will have to leave your tattoo under cold water for a couple of minutes or until you feel some relief from the itching.

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    Bring Your Ice Pack into Play

    Apply an ice pack to the tattoos and leave it for few minutes. If you don’t have an ice pack, simply wrap some ice cubes in a small towel and hold it against the tattoos.  It is the best remedy to numb the affected area for some time. Although it might feel weird at first, an ice pack is one of the best methods to stop the itching around a tattoo. Make sure that you leave the ice pack on for a few minutes until you feel some relief.

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