How to Get Rid Of an Ingrown Armpit Hair

Underarm areas, specifically armpits, are prone to ingrown hair. There are two reasons for that. The first one is the presence of moisture at all times in that area and second is the nature of the hair which grow in this specific place. The hair which grow in the under arms are coarse and thick, and the on and off itching and subsequent scratching there can result in inadvertent plucking of these hair, which paves for the growth of an ingrown hair. This is a very common problem, and over the years many methods have been developed to effectively get rid of this rather agonizing issue effectively. There are also techniques you can use to prevent the formation of ingrown in the first place.

Many people suggest that the best way to avoid such problem is to let the hair grow freely while avoiding scratching there. However that can result in hygiene problems and also goes against the customs of some religions. So, if you are not comfortable in keeping underarm hair, and like to shave them off every now and then, you can use the following methods to prevent ingrown hair.

Things Required:

– Hot compress
– Loofah
– Body Scrub
– Acne treatment cream
– Hydrocortisone cream
– Antibacterial cleanser
– Toner or astringent


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    The first and the easiest method is to apply a hot compress to the area where there are ingrown hair. A simple way could be to take a washcloth, dip it in hot water and apply it on the affected are for five to ten minutes. This will help in the reduction of swelling and also make the exodus of puss (foul yellow liquid deposit) easier.

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    Another very good technique is to exfoliate your under arms on a daily basis.  Using loofah or body scrub, you can gently remove the dead skin.

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    Acne treatment cream can also be applied to your ingrown hairs. These creams contain benzoyl peroxide, which not only helps in skin regeneration (thus bringing the hair surface up), but also kill bacteria, which can worsen your ingrown hair condition. Bacteria can also be killed by cleansing your arm pits and under arm area with an antibacterial cleanser, a toner or an astringent.

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    Hydrocortisone cream can also be used to reduce inflammation and irritation, which will help in the quick healing.

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