How to Remove Chickenpox Scars From Face

Chickenpox is an inevitable childhood ailment. This creates lumps on entire body which are scratchy. The lumps disappear over time but if you scratch them, you can cause bacterial infection. This infection will leave a scar on that spot. If an adult catches chickenpox, these scars will be darker as compared to kids’ scars.

Home treatments are not completely effective and some are not even supported by scientific evidence. Before utilizing any home remedies you should consult your doctor. In some cases you might even need a medical treatment in order to get rid of your scars especially those on your face.


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    Apply Aloe Vera Gel

    You can get Aloe Vera gel and apply on the scars on your face. Get Aloe Vera leaves and then cut out its edges. Later squeeze the gel out of the leaves. This gel reduces the redness and fades the scars.

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    Vitamin E oil

    You can apply Vitamin E oil as this not only help in the recovery process of skin but also nurtures it. You should use it on your face twice everyday in order to fade the scars.

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    You need to brush lemon on the scars on your face. Applying lemons will help to remove dead skin and will fade the scars. In addition to this, it also nourishes your skin. However, avoid going under sunlight for almost half hour after brushing lemon on your face.  Instead of using fresh cut lemon you can use lemon balm cream in order to lighten your scars.

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    Vitamin K

    You need to consume food which contains Vitamin K as they are good for your skin. You can eat cabbage, spinach, liver, green turnips, lean meat and dairy products in order to heal your skin.

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    Consult dermatologist

    Take advice from your dermatologist or skin specialist in order to remove the scars permanently. He will suggest you for surgical treatments or laser process. Your dermatologist may also recommend you some medicines or injections in order to lessen the chickenpox scars.

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    Coconut Water

    In order to diminish the scars you can apply coconut water on your face. Use a cotton ball to apply coconut water on your face.

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    Apply Honey on your scars in order to diminish them in only few days. You need to massage honey on the scars of your face in order to lessen them.

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